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Collision Specialists Inc The information contained in the Electronic Control Module is often useful in the accident reconstruction process.
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Commercial Motor Vehicle Collisions
Occupant Kinematics
Forensic Mapping
C.D.R. "Black Box" Downloads
Speed Calculations
Lamp Analysis
Mechanical Inspections
Roadway Defects
Forensic Animation
Expert Court Testimony


Commercial Motor Vehicle Collisions

  • Certified to conduct Level I, II and III inspections.
  • Haz-Mat Certified for Non-Bulk Quantities.
  • North American Standard Inspection (Level I) consists of:
    • medical examiner's certificate
    • driver's record of duty status
    • hours of service
    • brake system
    • coupling devices
    • lamps
    • retro-reflective material
    • loads securement
    • steering mechanism
    • tires
  • Electronic Control Modules
    • ECM’s often contain data useful in the accident reconstruction process, including speed, idle times, hard brake applications and last stop record.
    • FMCSR Compliance
      • CFR Title 49
    • Telematics
      • Wireless communications between fleets and operators.
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